Enrolling Patients in BRIDGES TO ACCESS®

There are 2 ways for patients to enroll in Bridges to Access:


Enrollment by Fax or Mail

Enrollment by Phone

Who does the enrolling?
  • Either the patient or the Advocate
  • Advocate only
When to choose this type of enrollment
  • For patients who do not need medicine right away
  • For patients who want to self-enroll (i.e. patients who want to enroll on their own without the aid of an Advocate)


  • For patients who need medicine that same day
How to submit documents The patient or the Advocate can fax or mail enrollment documents to the program (with applicant’s name and date of birth on each page, and applicant’s or legal guardian’s signature on application). If the patient is enrolled by Advocate phone call, the documents must be mailed or faxed after the telephone enrollment is complete. Please note that faxed prescriptions are only valid if faxed directly from a physician’s office. If enrollment documents are submitted by mail, submit copies of Proof of Household Income documents. Do not mail original income or tax documents. Documents submitted cannot be returned.
Where is the application?

Two Ways to Enroll

For Patients Who Want to Self-Enroll

Patients may enroll in BRIDGES TO ACCESS® on their own by completing an application and faxing or mailing it in.
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When Medicine Is Needed Immediately

Patients who need medicine that same day should ask their Advocate (i.e. anyone involved in the delivery of the patient's healthcare) to enroll them in BRIDGES TO ACCESS® by phone.
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